kristi-electronicinkKristi knew from a very early age that she wanted to be an artist.  She started drawing and creating things at the age of 5.  During her school years she was always involved in the art programs in school.  Her work was displayed in multiple art shows throughout highschool.  After highschool she went on to get her bachelors degree in Graphic Design from West Texas Sate University.  During her college years she was in multiple art shows, and won awards for her graphic design.  After graduating college she moved to Phoenix to begin her graphic design career.  Kristi was the lead graphic artist for Keyes Art Service for 5 years.  After leaving Keyes, Kristi went on to be a graphic designer for Standard Register.  She was a designer for Standard Register for several years, and quickly moved her way up through management, and was leading a team of close to 70 plus designers, and then went on to be a director of operations for the West Coast. After leaving Standard Register, Kristi used her creativity and business knowledge and started an air conditioning business, that has grown into a very successful operation.

Kristi started her graphic design company, Electronic Ink in 2003, because of her love for Graphic Design. Kristi was spending all of her free time designing, so she decided to start her own company doing what she loved.

Over the last 26 years in the industry, Kristi has designed everything from logos, brochures, tradeshow displays, newsletters, invitations, business cards, letterheads, electronic forms, labels and more.  Please visit her portfolio to learn more about Kristi and her work.